Melting Ice
Spintop Stone
A Spintop
Dynamo is a sound sculpture which shape shifts sound into tangible form. The sculpture is a representation of sonic waves emerged in one of the busy Indian Streets which has taken this form.
Unbloom is a maquette for a monumental public sculpture to be exhibited outdoors. She is a kinetic sculpture that enacts the blooming of flowers. The sculpture is personified as a female due to its resemblance to twirling leaves of a plant . She appears to emerge out of its folds trying to elevate above the ground into the sky above her. Large enough that people can walk into her through its passage on the twirled end where they feel embraced surrounded by the hollowness just like in a womb of a mother . From a bird's eye view her spiral wave form moves the eye along the curves to a focal point elevated into the sky. She is perceived differently at various viewing angles . A resulting shadow play engages with the audience creating a dynamic environment to engage.

About Harsha Vardhan Durugadda

Harsha V Durugadda (b.1989) is a Delhi based artist. Harsha uses scale and sensation to address both social and personal issues, through his practice which often levitates between sculpture and performance art. Harsha’s art practice is myriad in terms of medium, where transfigurations and flamboyance are some of the more visible themes seen in his works. Technology becomes key to Harsha’s work, be it cutting edge digital fabrication or new media tools. In 2014, his sculpture ‘Dynamo’ was exhibited at 'Emergent Art space', USA followed by group show in London with artist collective ‘Plastic Propaganda’. He has participated in group and solo shows both in India and abroad and has received a fellowship by the British Council for his social art project. He currently is doing his Masters in Arts and Aesthetics at JNU where he pursues his interest in Buddhist sculpture and has recently been invited to present at the British Museum, London on the same.